Minutes of the General Membership Meeting

HOA General Membership Meeting January 10th, 2017

Honey Island Elementary

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm by John Wells

Previous minutes not presented due to Secretary Bill Munsell unable to attend because of medical reasons. -Louise Jensen presented Treasurer’s Report. No questions asked. -Guest Speaker, Eagle scout candidate Matt Bald, presented his plan to implement storm drain markings in neighborhood. Overwhelmingly approved by all. -Guest Speaker Gene Bellisario presented the following updates on issues that the HOA may be concerned with: -Concrete panel replacement in the neighborhood. $60,000 worth approved. -Keep St Tammany Beautiful. 18 months later 3 crews ready to go to work -Flood Maps are still under review, supposed to be finalized this year -Credit card abuse by Parish employees being targeted – April 29th, two tax renewals that failed last year, to be tried again. For jails and the Justice center -Corner of Gause and Cross Gates Blvd drainage being cleaned out again due to silt buildup


-Ratification of Bylaw change explained by John Wells. Should be 9 board members instead of 7. Motion by Frank Maggio to change the bylaw and seconded by Miyoshi Henry. Passed without opposition. -Election of new Director to fill the ninth position proposed by John Wells. John informed the HOA that fellow resident Gary Picou had shown interest in the position but was unable to attend the meeting. No one else was interested in said position and there was a motion to name Gary the newest Director by Ron Bald and seconded by Dick Graham. Passed without opposition.

Old Business:

-Turnover from previous board was successful -John Wells reported that the board had considered, as suggested by a resident at the previous general meeting, that there would not be a funding limit set for future expenditures as this would be to cumbersome. Board would continue to spend money wisely and bring up large expenditures at general meetings as has been done in the past. -Security Patrols are being directed to address particular problems that we relay to them. JW asked residents to email us with their concerns. Problems at the round-a-bout were brought up and Councilman Gene Bellisario volunteered to see about having a “No Left Turn” sign installed.
– John Wells had looked into having a modification of the parish parking ordinance modified to have boats parked in streets included in violations, but it was determined, with the parish, that the boat was already in violation. Our security officer Kevin Nillson spoke with the resident in violation and they assured him that the problem would be resolved. -Camera update by Frank Maggio: -Two requests to view camera footage. One by Sheriff’s Dept. concerning an event on Military Rd and the other concerning a possible scam by someone soliciting at doorway. -Takes approx 2 hours to download info for such an incident and Frank informed HOA that the board had approved a wireless modem to assist with this. $100 per month. -Previous request by Darryl Albert was met with the answer that we would need a police report to view requested footage. With this ability to download the footage easier, we can more easily accomodate. Footage will not be reviewed for domestic issues, etc. Board maintains the right to determine worthiness of request. -One camera not working. Frank working with vendor to replace -Informed all that he had decals if anyone needed. Email him for arrangements to pick some up if necessary.

New Business:

-Covenant Enforcements. Please follow. -Delinquent Homeowners. $28.000 in uncollected monies. – Survey Results. Frank Maggio encouraged all to go on website to review the survey. Overall still a nice and desirable place to live. Dog mess and speeding biggest complaints. -Committee formation. JW asked all to consider some sort of help. Welcome committee, recreation……No takers. -Fireworks. Holiday over, please be considerate of others. -Leash law. Obey, pick up after your dog. -Other new business: -Sean Burkes working on the survey of what property belongs to Turtle Creek and what doesn’t. -Adele Graham requested that we consider replacing stop sign at exit of main entrance with one of the “fancy” signs when we do phase 2. -Frank Maggio informed all of the upcoming lights to be added to the Ayshire entrance columns -Missing porch swing for nature trail gazebo was found in ditch by unknown resident. Damaged but worthy. Questions still about who is responsible for gazebo. Further survey results by Sean Burkes will be in soon. -Resident Carey Winberry expressed concern over the forlorn look of a lot of the mailboxes in the area. JW said that he wasn’t sure if there was anything that could be done, but would look into it. -Resident Doris Burvant requested In/Out signs be put at entrance. JW said we would look into it.
-Motion to adjourn by Dicki Graham at 8:35 PM, seconded by Dale Burkes.

TCHOA General Membership Meeting

October 11, 2016

Board Attended:

President: Leslie Jones

Treasurer: Louise Jensen

Secretary: Melanie Singh

Director: Brian Clavin

Director: Janice Wells

Director: Frank Maggio

Apologies: Vice President: William Munsell

The President called the meeting to order at 7:10


Security Detail Presentation

Treasurers Report

Neighborhood Update


HOA 2017 Dues Raffle

Security Detail Presentation:

The person who was due to attend cancelled at last moment.

President expressed disatisfaction that neither this nor National Night Out was attended by one of our Security Officers.

Treasurers Report

See attached Report.

Homeowner Lawrence Weathersby asked if there was a protocol or procedure in place for limits on the amount of money the Board can spend on any one project.

Treasurer and President acknowledged that there is. All major project expenditure is put before the GMM and voted upon by the homeowners present. Example of fountains, security cameras and stop signs given.

Neighborhood Update

President talked about the updates this year to the neighborhood. The ponds at the main entrance have been repaired and resurfaced.

Stop Signs to be updated. Contractors to begin work shortly. Sondralyn Gray asked a why the existing stop signs were being replaced. President explained these stop signs were put up by the Parish many years ago, and had recently been adjusted to the regulatory 8 feet. At the January and April GMM it was decided to replace the majority of these “ugly”signs with new ones, matching the 4 way stop at the Military Road entrance.

Frank Maggio explained the reasoning behind Survey Monkey and indicated a good response from homeowners.

Security decals were handed out at the National Night Out. Also available this evening.


Nominted for President: Shad Elliers & John Wells

John Wells won by 17 votes to 14

Nominated for Vice President: Frank Maggio & Shad Elliers

Frank Maggio won by 18 votes to 14

Treasurer: No nominations from floor. Louise Jensen agreed to continue as Treasurer.

Secretary: No nominations from floor. William Munsell (not present) agreed to act as Secretary if no other person was willing to take the position.

Directors: Shad Elliers, Paul Pareti, Brian Clavin and Leslie Jones (Landscape Director).

Raffle for Homeowners dues 2017

won by Nancy Franzo.

Meeting adjourned

Minutes Prepared by Melanie Singh