Garden Club

The Garden club is open to anyone who has an interest in gardening, novice and experienced gardeners welcome!

This club meets every fourth Monday at 9.30 am at a members home.

It is hoped that this club will meet to exchange ideas and information, attend field trips, and to swap plants. Occasionally a guest speaker will be invited. It is also anticipated that members will take an active interest in the improvement of the subdivisions’ landscaping.

Scheduled Events for 2017:

February 20 – Remounting Stag Horn Ferns with Tom Cuccia

March 17 – Art in Bloom – NOMA

March 17-18 – Master Gardener Plant Show – Covington

October  – French Quarter Courtyard Garden Tour (Date TBA)

November 20 – Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

December  – Garden Club Christmas Party

If you are interested in joining us please email us.

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